Piazza Sancti Martini – 24-26th of August 2018

21 May 2018 | Szombathely (Hungary)

The largest and most colourful public festival of Szombathely, the Savaria Historical Carnival (www.karnevalsavaria.hu) has been held since 2000 in the city. Apart from strengthening the identity with Szombathely, the objective of the public event is to make the city aware of and commemorate its 2000 year-old past and at the same time to present its communities to the visitors in the frame of a vivid, costumed late summer whirl. The Savaria Historical Carnival is a multidisciplinary festival whose independent and new programme locations - on the initiative of the NPA project as of this year - are the St. Martin’s Square, St. Martin’s Church and the monastery attached to it. Amongst the colourful programme elements, the family play area on St. Martin’s life, guided historic walks, concerts, jugglers, craftsmen also contribute to the 21st century interpretation of St. Martin’s intangible heritage with the support of the NPA project.