Pilot Case

The transition to a more sustainable economic model, able to improve environmental conditions, is promoted in all industrial and economic areas and also by the ENTeR project.

The ENTeR project identified seven "Pilot Cases" in the Interreg Central Europe area in order to succeed, on the one hand to highlight the good practices adopted by some industrial companies, and on the other hand to outline the problems linked to the recycling of of textile waste. The study of the difficulties encountered by textile companies, in terms of recycling, serves to fully understand the problems faced by those who want to work on the theme of sustainability.

The main problems encountered in the 5 countries involved in the ENTeR are logistic, technical, material, social and obviously economic.

In fact, during this year, the ENTeR project has defined seven "Pilot Cases" and we expect to:

  • increase knowledge of waste management and technical processes and treatments for recovery, re-use and recycling, improved experience in analytical testing methods, developing new test methods to recognize and characterize recycled textile materials;
  • promote traceability systems and methods and support the study of a model for waste recovery;
  • promote the development of the M3P platform for the cataloging, use and exploitation of industrial textile waste and waste;
  • increase the environmental awareness of companies by proposing technical skills and experience in relation to environmental sustainability and the traceability of processes and products, through: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), ecc;
  • investigate the training needs of companies for the implementation of circular models in order to develop appropriate training courses.

Thanks to the seven "Pilot Cases", the ENTeR project has begun the process of analysis and study of production processes and the use of secondary raw materials, and indirectly for a more efficient production, will contribute to the reduction of industrial waste.