Pilot in Czech Republic

The pilot action in Litoměřice consisted from purchase of 10 e-bikes in November 2017 and of 4 bike charging stations in May 2018. The e-bikes were distributed to the municipality departments and to the Municipal Police at the beginning of the cycling season in 2018, and they have been used for business trips and local commuting. A reservation system for e-bikes which is available to all employees through intranet was developed by the city IT department.

Pilot in CZ

Regarding the charging stations, 1 of them (for 4 e-bikes) was installed at the premises of hospital and can be accessed and used by general public. The other 3 were installed in yards of all municipality premises: at Pekařská workplace (1 charging station for 3 e-bikes) and Topolčanská workplace (2 charging stations, each for 4 bikes). After reconstruction of the inner yard of the main municipality building in Mírové náměstí one of the charging stations from Topolčanská will be moved to Mírové náměstí. The charging stations have been operating since their installation in June 2018.

These two measures (e-bike and charging station purchase) has been recognized in the workplace mobility plans of the municipality (measure C.1.1 & C.1.2. in action plan) and the hospital (measure A.1.3 in action plan). The experimental nature of the pilot action is to test whether the employees will use the e-bikes for the purposes of business trips and commuting when they are offered to them for free. Also, it demonstrates the easy use of the e-bikes which can make the employees motivate to purchase their own.

Three of the purchased bikes were also given to the municipal police department which uses them during the worktime; thanks to this fact the e-bikes can be seen at the municipality regularly, making the public (inhabitants and visitors of Litoměřice) more familiar with the concept.

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