Pilot in Hungary

The pilot action of Hungarian partner, Budapest Universty of Techology and Economics concentrates on information providing and conscious mode choice decisions for their colleagues and citizens of Budapest generally. An online tool was implemented to compare different transportation modes of home-work trips made by employees. The comparison includes several indicators related to travel time, cost, emission and healthiness.

The specific routes between work and home are shown on a map with indicators. The employees can set the indicators, how important travel time, cost, emission and healthiness is on the specific day, and the online service shows routes with different transportation modes (car, public transport, bike, walk) and a comparison of the routes is presented in a graphical form (e.g. chart) as well as in a table. The online tool includes parameters that are hard to calculate, such as healthiness or environment friendliness of a route, but it also calculates with values, which are realistic, but people usually forget to count with, such as costs of owning and using a car, or the time of parking a car.

More importantly the CO2 emission are calculated as a separate parameter based on the distance, mode of transport and type of vehicle (in case of car usage). With these concerns by showing the estimated CO2 usages, the application promotes sustainable commuting modes, and therefore helps decreasing CO2 emissions. Thus, the idea was to support the decision-making process of the employees, which can be best realized by showing the potential options and the benefits of each transportation mode.

There is no direct linkage between the Workplace mobility plan (WMP) for Budapest Universty of Techology and Economics (BME) and the pilot, due to the late decision of the pilot modification which was done after the WMP has been elaborated already. The WMP could not been updated in a short-term. Still the general aims and goals of the WMP are fully supported by the pilot action.

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