Pilot in Italy

The pilot action implemented in Modena consisted in a new automated traffic counting sensor, for vehicle and bicycle counting. The sensor was installed by one of the most strategic places, by an important urban road with a new bikeway that connects a big residential district to the city centre: this itinerary is used by many citizens and by many municipal commuters during their home-work trips. The aim of the pilot action is to promote sustainable way of travelling and commuting among employees first and in general among citizens, giving evidence that the bicycle is a good way of transport for commuting in urban area.

This kind of action has double goals: by one side the sensor collected real data (daily/seasonal car and bicycle traffic flows on urban roads) are a precious source of information to develop further actions such as Workplace Mobility PLan implementation and updating and to define policies, initiatives, infrastructural project to increase the number of people that choose sustainable mode of transport for their urban trips (commuting).

Pilot in IT

Secondary, but not least, the data dissemination could be useful to increase directly the awareness about sustainable mobility issues; the sensor is recording data since November 2018 and it has attracted attention of local inhabitants and of employees: the data platform has been visited by 105 people and the sensor has registered almost 2 million passages (26% by bike) in six months.

Considering the relevance and the innovation level of the initiative, this pilot action (and the further implementation of other devices) is included among the policies of the Workplace Mobility Plan for the employees of the Municipality of Modena and even in the City of Modena’s SUMP as one of the main actions to promote the sustainable mobility in the city.

More about the pilot action you can read HERE