Personalized travelling plans for employees 

Ljutomer (Slovenia), 5. December 2017 - presentation of pilot action. Pilot actions have significant soft components: they are integrally interrelated to the mobility planning process. The proposed solutions are compliant to other measures implemented to promote sustainable mobility, which include use of public transport, cycling and walking.

The pilot action in Slovenia will be focused on personalized travelling plans using top down approach – choosing a gross number of participants (the target population). The methodology is a cost-effective approach to address those people who both have the opportunity and the willingness to change, and uses innovative and compelling engagement techniques to support continued travel behaviour change. The travel advisor encourages the beneficiary to identify any barriers they have to using sustainable transport for their regular journeys and offers information and support exactly tailored to their needs. By identifying their own barriers and solutions, the beneficiary is in control of the situation and feels empowered to make the change: that’s what makes it personal! Travel advisers bring materials to help them make that change, for example local network bus aps, travel guides, walking and cycling routes and free test tickets. The travel advice conversation is based on motivational interviewing techniques and open questions, the advisor has to be non-judgemental and allow the beneficiary to find their own solutions. 

Pilot action in Ljutomer (Slovenia)

Additionally, to pilot action implemented by Lead Partner Development agency Sinergija and Municiplaity of Ljutomer will purchase 1 bike shed which will be installed to foster sustainable commuting within municipality employees. The municipality Ljutomer is surrounded by other small municipalities which are connected to administrative unit. The distances between municipalities are easy to reach by bicycle; therefore, municipality Ljutomer has decided to promote and enhance the cycling opportunities within and across the municipality’s border. The instalment of the bike sheds will give the good example to other small or medium sized neighbouring municipalities as well, additionally also to capital city of Slovenia which does not poses such bike sheds. 

Pilot action in Ljutomer (Slovenia)

Image: Location of bike shed - near the entrance of municipality