Pilot in Slovenia

In Slovenian municipality Ljutomer Development agency Sinergija implemented a pilot action which has been related to installation of 1 bike shed, purchasing of 3 e-bikes (plus 2 helmets and 1 pump) and development of 3 Personalized mobility plans. In the small city with a good potential of the cycling and with short daily travel routes, the content of the pilot was logical decision. The pilot was implemented to decrease the number of short car-driven distances and increase the cycling users among the employees. The pilot was divided in two different type of actions. Infrastructure measure (bike shed and e-bikes) and soft measure (personalized mobility planning). The pilot was implemented from March 2018 till November 2018. All employees (around 30) have been reached and integrated into the pilot implementation. In 6 months of monitoring phase the municipality has saved around 563,70 kg CO2 and 3.501 km made by car (single occupancy).

The bike shed and electric bicycles are a great acquisition of the municipality, as bicycles usage has been increasing from month to month. The frequency of cycling on the workplace has increased, as is the use of electric bicycles for the purposes of shorter business trips.

Pilot in Slovenia

In establishing Personalized mobility planning, experience is definitely interesting and it the pilot has innovative characters. We used a bottom-up approach and taken into account the individual wishes, goals and needs of the employees. Since the approach has been presented so far only theoretically, it has been much more difficult to implement it in the practice. In the meantime, there was a lot of improvisation and preparation of new bases and templates for documents. The basic idea is to carry out consulting with each individual employee, analyze the current situation with him/her, set goals and monitor them. This pilot action enabled the employees of the Municipality of Ljutomer to test the new approach in planning. It is personalized planning and is tailor made to the individual circumstances and needs for commuting. It is found out that the goals were reach for from 50 % to 100%. The employees have changed their commuting behavior in favor to sustainable commuting from 10% to 20 % and save 94 kg CO2 and 584 km made by car (single occupancy).

The pilot measure has been indicated also in the Action plan of the Workplace mobility plan of Ljutomer under pillar Cycling.

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