Pilot in Niemce community, Poland

Thanks to cooperation between residents, entrepreneurs and local authorities in energy planning in the municipality of Niemce „Niemce Energy Cluster” was established in October 2021.

The aim of the Niemce Energy Cluster is to support the development of local distributed energy, improve energy security in economically effective manner, invest in RES, as well as ecological education. Niemce Energy Cluster started with the organisation of the pilot action „Every resident and entrepreneur from the Niemce Commune can contribute to clean air in the Commune“.

The aim of the pilot action was to raise awareness among the local community about the possibility of reducing low emissions in the municipality and to inform about the possibility of choosing air quality notification systems in the future. In addition, cluster members promoted the idea of cooperation within the cluster and the possibility for potential new members to join the cluster and join the common bottom-up energy planning in Niemce. 

The pilot action meetings participants gained knowledge about available programs dedicated to RES investments and improvement of energy efficiency. They also found out how to change everyday behaviours/habits in order to reduce energy consumption and thus the CO2 emissions. Niemce Energy Cluster is ambitious in their prospects for the future. They made land inventory in order to plan investments in photovoltaics and wind energy. The Niemce Municipality (cluster member) has also announced tender for the implementation of the project – investment in PV under the project "Eco Effective Niemce Municipality". This project is currently one of the priority projects. Cluster will also continue activities dedicated to the ecological education. Niemce Energy Cluster closely cooperate also with local authorities in order to develop local energy policy. They will be a very good support tool in the bottom–up energy planning process, in building the understanding, trust and cooperation of the local community in the implementation of investments in RES and EE, and for saving energy.