Plenary meeting and Consensus Workshop in Bari

Partners from all five participating regions in the project attended the INTENT Plenary meeting and Consensus Workshop on the 19th and 20th June 2019. The meeting took place at the site of the 41st OECI Oncology Days in Bari, Italy.

Main aims and scope of the meeting were to review of progress in Work Packages during Report Period 4, have joint reflection on management issues and conduct a Consensus workshop on indicator sets for the online benchmarking tool aiming to test how patient centered health institutions are.

On the first day – 19th  June, partners participated in the Consensus workshop, which included presentation of indicators for the online benchmarking tool. Partners then worked on a consensus to finalize the indicators and their application.

On the second day – 20th June,  partners presented an overview of progress in project activities, as well as financial progress of the project in the Plenary meeting. Discussion on project extension and changes in deliverables also took place. Partners laso agreed on future meetings.

Bari Plenary meeting
Bari Plenary meeting
Olga Sapoznikov