Policy Recommendation to improve the Circular Urban Water Management in CE

CWC project partners started with organization of national roundtables, with the purpose to identify the most relevant policy recommendations, that can contribute to the boost of the circular water use in CE countries.

Set-up  dialogues with relevant national stakeholders and experts, provided the needed feedback, what are the burning issues related to water use and how to tackle them in the future, through more comprehensive government solutions. Presented national policy recommendations and national round table conclusions, will also serve as an information and knowledge base for preparation of  common Transnational strategy for creating an enabling policy framework on circular water use in CE cities.

The policy recommendations are available below. 

Transnational CWC strategy & policy recommendations for boosting circular water use in the CE region (English)

Policy recommendations for Croatia in ENGLISH and CROATIAN

Policy recommendations for Germany in ENGLISH and GERMAN

Policy recommendations for Italy in ENGLISH and ITALIAN

Policy recommendations for Hungary in ENGLISH and HUNGARIAN

Policy recommendations for Slovenia in ENGLISH and SLOVENIAN