Policy recommendations for adopting the
patient-centred model and guidelines

Based on research, implementation guidelines for the INTENT PCCC model were developed in order to foster change within existing health care organizations (e.g. cancer care centres or cancer care networks). It is envisaged that implementing the PCCC model would have positive consequences also for broader society. With its focus on patient needs new jobs and positions are to be developed. In order to provide care in all stages of the disease new e-Health tools and various forms of Social Entrepreneurship are to be employed. At the same time, successful implementation of the PCCC model is dependent on numerous broader social circumstances outside of the sphere of influence of existing health care organizations, policies in the field of cancer care need to be tackled as well. Current state of these policies was detailed in the Report on policy mapping across the five pilot regions.

Hereby, Policy Recommendations for adopting the patient-centred model and guidelines before you are integrating findings from Implementation guidelines for the PCCC model and Report on policy mapping and thus summarizing them in the form of recommendations for policy makers, aiming to foster PCCC model. Policy recommendations are categorized in accordance with the Report on policy mapping in three Focus areas: Cancer Care Models, Patient Empowerment and Performance monitoring. The Fourth Focus Area (Innovation in organization of cancer care) from the report was integrated in the first two Focus Areas.

Outline of policy recommendations is available HERE