Project goals and outputs

Oncologic diseases a leading cause of death in the EU. Recent changes in the society showed a need to a more patient-centered approach to care. To help achieve this, INTENT shall: “Put in place know-how, competencies  &  capacity  to  capitalise  on  benchmarking  &  social  entrepreneurship  in  harmonising  & improving patient centered cancer care in Central Europe”. This  will  result  in:  better  understanding  of what  patient-centered  care  means;  new  tools  and  methods  to  implement  this  approach;  relevant  policy recommendations & local stakeholders working together to identify what needs improving & generating innovative solutions.

INTENT outputs benefit cancer care providers, patients and policy makers taking part in 5 pilot sites shall include:

And, finally, based on all of the above, a:

Looking  to  the  future,  INTENT  will  provide  the  basis  for  crossover  collaboration  with  industry  in unlocking the innovation potential of public servicesand Cancer care approach. This approach and tools could be later on implemented in other Centers in Central Europe.