Flagship social enterprise videos 

You can find here the flagship social enterprise videos about the pilots and other activities going on in every partner country involved in SENTINEL. We will refresh and upload videos to this section regularly.

Project video - This video is based on the partners’ Flagship Social Enterprise videos, presenting the main project results.

Social Cycle Tour - An enthralling video from our German partner (Social Impact). As part of the SENTINEL project, Social Impact organized a cycle tour and brought together people from rural and urban areas, local organizations to learn from each other and share experiences.

SENTINEL Project in Hungary - Similarly to many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe , social processes suffocating economically disadvantaged regions pose a great challenge in Hungary as well. In this video you can get to know Hungarian social enterprises and cooperatives and their lives. The Hungarian lead partner (HCSOM) coordinates the SENTINEL project in close operation with another Hungarian partner (KONETT) in order to provide meaningful assistance to Hungarian social enterprises.

Social Enterprise Hub Video about the flagship enterprises in Slovenia. Social enterprises in Slovenia, in Podravje region are often lacking entrepreneurial knowledge or, skills and are not networking sufficiently. SENTINEL can be of help here through our Slovenian partners (Foundation Prizma and Fund05).

Social Enterprises in the Italian Mountains - This video is about a study visit: our project partners visited the Italian social enterprises and cooperatives in the mountain areas with the help of our two Italian partners (FTC, CEI). Their activities and professional attitude can stand as a good example for everyone.

Social Enterprise Start-Up Incubation - Our Polish partners (RRDA, ROPS) are looking for ways to develop a modern support path for emerging social enterprises.

The Story of Three Social Enterprises in the Czech Republic - How does it feel to work at a social enterprise in the Czech Republic? This video tells us the story of three social enterprises and their employees (Institute of Social Innovations).