Clean the  water supply location together

Community action and awareness raising event in Maribor

This April CWC partners, Maribor Water Supply Company (MBVOD) and EZVD invited the citizens of Maribor to a community action “cleaning the city of Maribor”.  The event provided perfect occasion to bring closer to the local people the topic of water and city with interactive educational presentations and open discussions about water supply of Maribor, water consumption, water resources, monitoring system etc.

ng with Maribor citizens

After the indoor sessions citizens of Maribor were joining the employees of Maribor Water Supply company to clean the
areas around important water supply locations. 


cleaning the water source area

As the event performed high success, the Municpality of Maribor decided to organize further meetings and will continue the education of local citizens.   

cleaning with the otter