RAINMAN is entering a new level of remote team work

RAINMAN project work was managed virtually between ten partner insitutions in six Central European countries from its very beginning. Due to the Corona outbreak this way of remote team work intensified to an unexpected extent. Currently, the project is being driven forward at full speed from about 30-40 home offices. In a web meeting with more than 20 membes we recently agreed that the working conditions still allow finalizing the project and achieving its main objectives. The RAINMAN-Toolbox with hints for a better heavy rain risk management by municipalities will be launched and the team will finish the project within the project duration of three years. For now, the dissemination of the project results will be ensured through other formats than the originally planned final project conference. We deeply regret that we had to cancel the final conference for now. But we have a lot of ideas for alternative activities, so you should be excited to hear from us soon!

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