6th Partner Meeting online (Skype)


Following the ISC meeting, the 6th CU meeting took place on September 15, 2020, online, via Skype. Originally, the meeting was planned to be held in Freiberg, Germany. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, travelling was restricted and an online format for the meeting was chosen. During the meeting, a total of 19 representatives from all ten project partners was present, as well as two representatives of the Joint Secretariat. Ms. Binder, representing LP Aufbauwerk, led the meeting.

Due to the fact that this was the final partner meeting of the REFREsh project, Ms. Binder asked a representative from each partner to share their experience during the past three years and give feedback about the project implementation. Alexander Eisenblätter (representing PP2), David Sörös (PP3), Gabor Benovics (PP4), Tajda Senica (PP5), Vesna Zorko (PP6), Maurizio Male (PP7), Laura Zuccato (PP8), Irena Grdinic (PP9), Sanja Cop and Valerij Juresic (PP10) shared the feedback of their organizations. All partners emphasized the good experience they had thanks to the project. The cooperation with all partners was highly enjoyed and considered fruitful for the regions. Many partners also emphasised the need for projects like REFREsh and the fact that the topic of cultural heritage offers even more potential for future projects and collaborations. In many regions the project set a starting point for further developments and created awareness for the topic. The partners point out that they hope to work together again in the future and stay in touch.

Partners thanked each other, the WP leaders, the LP and the JS for the opportunities that arose through the REFREsh project. Everyone was looking forward to meeting again in the future.

After the feedback from all partners, Ms. Binder also thanked everyone for their great collaboration during the past three years. REFREsh reached some great results, thanks to everyone’s dedication. She expressed that it was a great pleasure working with everyone and coordinating the project implementation.