One of the events that will be common to all partner countries on the REFREsh project is - an international exhibition. It is an exhibition of the works of the photographers from five countries (Germany, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia) with the theme of an old crafts, artistic crafts, abandoned industrial buildings and working customs. The exhibition will be staged in Piran, Komlo, Freiberg, Castello di Godeg and Lokve during the first half of 2020, and an electronic catalog about the exhibition will be released which will include photos and supporting information. The aim of the exhibition is to make the artists understand the value of all forms of work through photography, or through exploring their environment. There are professions and crafts that have disappeared, but after their closure there is still some work space, inventory, tools, supplies. These are the objects of photography, but also an abandoned buildings that have architectural, historical and cultural relevance, which might be very interesting in photography. By exploring the history of craft or industrial work in their own environments, all participants in the project will acknowledge the importance of their territory, and thus partly define their own heritage as part of their identity. This will also be an opportunity for many artists to get to know the heritage of other nations, as the photographers from the aforementioned five countries will visit each other and exchange experiences.