On October 3-4, 2018, the International PPP Forum Płock 2018 will be held in Płock, Orlen Arena. This cyclical event provides a platform for professional networking between representatives of sectors involved in the implementation of PPP projects, both public and private. The Forum gives an opportunity to share knowledge and experience regarding the implementation of investments in the PPP formula.

The second day of the International PPP Forum in Płock 2018 will be an occasion to present the results to date of the RESTAURA project and to meet the representatives of the Project Partners, including: Ph.D. Daniela A. Jelinčić from the Institute for Development and International Relations (Croatia), Ph.D. Aniko Noemi Turi and Ph.D. Mitja Steinbacher from the Faculty of Business Studies, Catholic Institute (Slovenia), and Bartosz Korbus from the Institute for PPP (Poland).
This panel discussion will be held within the Central and Eastern Europe Seminar and will be focused on the subjects of preparing and implementing PPP and licence – based projects in selected countries of Central and Eastern Europe, mechanisms facilitating revitalisation of urban areas and cultural heritage buildings, as well as improving the quality of life in cities and issues related to energy efficiency.

The conference will comprise a series of lectures, presentations, workshops and discussion panels, with the participation of representatives of local governments and the private sector. 

Conference admission for representatives of the public entities is free of charge. 

For the agenda of the Forum – click here .

More information about the Forum : www.plockppp.eu 

Video report from the congress available here.