By the end of October 2018 Institute for Public Private Partnership (IPPP) organized two workshops for representatives of public authorities regarding application of the PPP formula in revitalization of historic buildings. Twenty six individuals from thirteen institutions had an opportunity to take part in the workshops held in Leszno  and Wroclaw. The workshops were conducted by Bartosz Korbus from the IPPP, an expert with hands-on experience in implementing projects in the PPP formula. The workshop programme was enthusiastically welcomed by the participants who got to know not only the formal framework of PPP functioning, but most importantly they could learn how the implementation of PPP projects in the area of revitalization is carried out and also consult ideas for revitalization projects arising in the local authorities. For example, representatives of the city of Leszno where some investments have been planned in the Old Town, discussed different solutions which could be used in their revitalization plans. On the other hand, the representatives of the city of Wschowa explored the possibilities for revitalization of the 16th-century historic church and its adjoining area, whereas the representatives of Wrocław, who have been working on plans for development of the Social Square what largely consists of revitalization activities, could discuss alternatives for execution of this project with the use of the PPP formula. Moreover, they discussed the possibilities of using it for contemplated revitalization of pre-war factory buildings registered as historic monuments and objects. 

The upcoming two workshops are going to be held in Ustka on November 23th  2018, and in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki on November 26th 2018.

The Agenda of the workshop in Ustka is available for review now.
The Agenda of the workshop in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki is available for review now.