Following the closing date of the public procurement tender for “Conceptual design documentation for Biggato palace”, the City of Buzet has signed a contract with the Croatian Conservation Institute to develop the documentation. Following the initial requests from the Conservation department for Istria region, the City of Buzet has slightly modified the elements required in the Conceptual design documentation, so now there will be a stratigraphic analysis carried out, a 3D technology recording of the Palace, and a document for the new conceptual solution for the palace interior. 

Bigatto palace is an important example of the Venetian style of residential architecture, registered as an immovable cultural good inside the historical urban area of Buzet. As such, any development activity on its interior or exterior is subject to review by the Administration for the protection of cultural heritage.

Since no investigative work has taken place to date, the recommendation is to proceed with it, as the results of the research will be useful in order to make a comprehensive conceptual design of the interior, and the technical and architectural requirements for it. Stratigraphic analysis (probes of the wall surfaces) will give us detailed information of plaster layers, materials and colours, which can give us important historical information to identify the construction phases of the building. The study includes research of all plastered walls inside and outside the building, in order to investigate the possible existence of mural paintings (frescos) and architectural structures that can be enhanced and included in the new concept of the interior.