New university hospital in Bratislava thanks to integrated PPP model.

The construction of the new university hospital is planned already since 30 years. Originally it was supposed to be built in Ráztochy but construction was stopped in 2003 by former government. The construction was in that time already financed by 33, 2 million Eur. The question about the construction of hospital was again opened by new government which planned to continue in the project by using PPP scheme. Unfortunately the agreement was not signed. Current government committed itself to finish the construction of the hospital and start it operation.

According to news from March 15th 2017, proposal of Ministry of Healthcare SR includes plan of construction of hospital in Ráztochy and reconstruction and finalizing of hospital in Ružinov. This project is supposed to be financed by state and construction and operation should be managed by private subject.

In terms of PPP scheme used in this project, the Ministry decided to use integrated management model which ensured state control. The new university hospital will be in this way controlled by state which will also finance the project. The operation will be done by private partner which will ensure management of healthcare in the hospital. The private partner will be in duration of five years responsible for operation of the hospital with an aim to start the project, to transfer know-how to public sector and to ensure maximal effectiveness of whole process. The project supervisor will be Ministry of healthcare SR.

The integrated PPP model includes integration of PPP benefits and traditional realization of projects by government contract and subsequent operation state operation. Based on economic analysis this model shows the best result from all available alternatives.