RESTAURA Integrated built heritage revitalization plans

Constructive collaboration of RESTAURA Local Stakeholders Group helped to open Rihemberk castle again.

In July 2017 the first phase of Integrated Built Heritage revitalization plan for Nova Gorica (IBHRP) was completed, on basis of intensive collaboration with members of RESTAURA Local Stakeholders Group.

The group includes experts from different fields important for municipality built heritage and Rihemberk castle future (culture heritage protection, nature protection, entrepreneurs, representatives from tourism sector, academic sector etc.) together with representatives of local community and representatives of Municipality of Nova Gorica, the owner of the castle in Branik.

The aim of IBHPR preparation was to determine the right direction of Rihemberk castle revitalization – having in mind the reduced possibilities of EU financing large scale built heritage renovations in coming years and the need of better use of private funds also in historical building revitalization owned by public institutions. RESTAURA project is focused on better use of public-private partnership schemes.

Good collaboration of RLSG members contributed a lot also to successful opening of the fascinating Rihemberk castle complex to the public on in June 2017, with very positive positive response of general public and media.

Rihemberk Castle