RESTAURA project partners met again on 18th-19th October 2017. The meeting took place in Nova Gorica, at Municipality of Nova Gorica – project partner 7. 

Most of the time was dedicated to Steering Committee meeting. Partners had the chance to check the work completed and to plan further activities. Second day of the meeting was combined with transnational training dedicated to the contents and role of Conservation plan, a document obligatory for built cultural monuments in Slovenia.

Second day also included press conference on which partners had the chance to present project outcomes to wider public – RESTAURA Helpdesk, Handbook on PPP in built heritage revitalisation projects and Guidebook for local authorities. Document Integrated Built Heritage Revitalization Plan was explained through the case of Rihemberk castle, Nova Gorica’s pilot location.

The meeting was concluded with study tour, including the visit of Rihemberk castle, publicly owned castle complex under reconstruction (one of RESTAURA four pilot projects). The Rihemberk experience was confronted with the experience of revitalization of Devin/Duino castle, which is privately owned – explaining two different models of revitalization of similar built heritage buildings.