Transnational partners meeting in Ljubljana combined with training and study visit.

On 25th and 26th January 2017 the transnational partners meeting combined with transnational training on public-private partnership and study tour took place in Ljubljana. All project partners attended the meeting.

On the first day and at the beginning of the second day the Steering Committee meeting took place. In this framework, presentations and discussions about the work packages were conducted. Moreover, the presentation on the progress of the project and financial issues were discussed.

 On the second day the internal transnational training »Public-private partnership in Slovenia connected with general revitalisation problems of historical buildings« was conducted by ZRC SAZU. At the training, a representative of the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, more precisely of the Heritage Information and Documentation Centre, took an active role. The meeting ended with the study visit to the Ljubljana Castle, conducted by ZRC SAZU. During the visit a representative of the public institute Ljubljana Castle presented the institute and the collaboration between public and private sector on the example of the Ljubljana Castle.