Third RESTAURA transnational meeting took place on 10-11 May 2017 and was hosted by the city of Hnúšťa. 

The meeting aimed at elaborating on project current deliverables and future activities that are planned in the coming months. Partners reported on the work progress, discussed the achieved results, discussed on tools and methodologies and agreed on next actions. 

The meeting started with a discussion about project deliverables created with project partners assistance: RESTAURA Helpdesk and Handbook on Public-Private Partnership in Built Heritage Revitalisation Projects.  This was followed by revision of progress done on the Integrated Built heritage Reviatalisation Plans, as well as works on Guidebook – PPP in heritage revitalisation strategies and initial tasks on creating interactive web-based tool. 

Another part of the meeting was dedicated to workshop „Procedures for heritage revitalisation strategies – preparation of the project proposal” with active participation of all project members.  

The participants attended a study visit to Hnúšťa to see successful revitalisation projects done in the municipality. In addition, city representatives carried out a transnational training aimed at discovering different solution and approaches to restoration of deteriorated buildings and sites based on local experience.