PPP Institute published the most recent information on PPPs market in Poland.

According to it, the eight years of the Public-Private Partnership Act and the Act on Concessions for Building Works and Services being in force, 470 advertisements on concessions and public-private partnership were published in the period from 1 January 2009 to 30 November 2016.

Out of the 470 advertisements, 297 proceedings were canceled, 46 are in the negotiation process with interested parties, and in case of 127 undertakings contracts were signed with private partners (10 of them was solved). Out of the 127 concluded contract, 2 was presented during OUR SECOND MEETING in Ljubljana*.

Based on numbers, especially in the context of investments in the PPP form and concessions planned by Polish local governments (which initiated a total of 95.96% of the selection procedures of a private partner or concessionaire), it can probably be said that the market will have good and balanced future of continuous growth. There were 470 PPP or concession proceedings announced of total value of approximately PLN 19.1 billion net. Moreover, as the analyses of the PPP Institute showed, Polish local governments are planning 93 projects (current data as on 31 December 2016) or have already started preparations to realize next 46 projects.