Promoting PPP as an intelligent partnership

The Slovenian Institute for the public-private partnership with the cooperation of the House of the European Union in Ljubljana on 16th March 2017 organized a conference, promoting PPP as an intelligent partnership. Restaura Project Partner Communication Manager, dr. Aniko Noemi Turi and Restaura Project Partner Manager, dr. Mitja Steinbacher took part at the event.

The key parts of the conference were the presentation of the PPP as a global trend, sharing the most significant information concerning the national and European financial possibilities in PPP and the presentations of other successful national and European projects.
At the event dr. Steinbacher presented the Restaura project: Revitalising Historic Buildings through Public-Private Partnership, focusing on the role of the FPV in the project and the project's main goals. The presentation was followed by an interesting and fruitful debate.