RESTAURA Local Stakeholders Group for Rihemberk castle.

First meeting and workshop for preparation of Integrated Built Heritage Revitalization Plan.

Members of RESTAURA Local Stakeholders Group (RLSG), established by the Municipality of Nova Gorica for the cooperation in preparing Integrated Built Heritage Revitalization Plan for Rihemberk castle, met for the first time on 29. 3. 2017 at the site of the castle in Branik.

The aim of the meeting, followed by workshop, was to determine the current situation of the culture heritage complex of Rihemberk, to inform all participants about scope and goals of the integrated built heritage revitalization plan, key drivers, actions and priorities of the plan and its key benefits.

Important part of the workshop was dedicated to gather views and exchanging opinions regarding Rihemberk castle development between members of RLSG and other interested participants of the workshop. They all agreed that the castle complex should follow the path of becoming cultural and touristic center of the region. Participants also highlighted the importance of the first planned step – opening the site to visitors in current state, organized by Municipality of Nova Gorica.

Rihemberk castle on 29. 3. 2017. Foto: Patricija Furlan

Rihemberk castle on 29. 3. 2017. Photo: Patricija Furlan