Rihemberk castle

Rihemberk castle - outstanding cultural heritage to celebrate Slovene Cultural Holiday.

In the days before upcoming Prešeren Day, the Slovene Cultural Holiday, celebrated in Slovenia on 8 February, the Municipality of Nova Gorica organized a press conference to present actual Municipality’s activities in the field of Culture.

Among other activities they highlighted the concern for the restoration of immovable cultural heritage, with particular emphasis on the Rihemberk castle, included in the RESTAURA project, as M.Sc. Marinka Saksida, Head of the Department for social activities at the Municipality of Nova Gorica explained.

The castle is planned to be open for visitors again by summer 2017, after many years of being cut out of public live.

More information can be found at  http://www.nova-gorica.si/v-srediscu/2017020216071627/.