Slovenian example of public-private partnership

Energy-related renovation of buildings owned by the municipality of Čromelj: Slovenian example of public private-partnerhsip aided renovation of built cultural heritage.

Members of the RESTAURA project team have analyzed cases of good practices of public-private partnerships (PPP) in the sector of renovation of buildings under cultural heritage protection in Slovenia. Efforts in the area of environmental, energy- and economic-efficiency related improvements have contributed to the recent increases of the said mechanism in Slovenia.

In 2017 the Municipality of Črnomelj has joined a public-private partnership with the aim of integral energy efficient renovation of seven buildings. The partnership has been agreed upon for the period of fifteen years. The objects that have been renovated include two buildings under cultural heritage protection, namely the Črnomelj manor which along its several other uses also hosts the offices of the Municipality and the Črnomelj and Student dormitory dating to the 1950s and hosting library and youth center.

In the case of the Črnomelj manor windows and doors have been replaced and a new central biomass powered boiler room with thermostatic valve and central heating have been installed. In the case of the student dormitory inside and outside insulations have been added on the facade, attic and roof and old windows have been replaced. The funding of the energy efficiency improvements under the PPP scheme comprised the means of the private partner, cohesion funding and municipality’s share.

Renovations such as these prove that public-private partnership mechanisms can also be successfully used in the field of cultural heritage, as they contribute to recognizing the many advantages of using the PPP mechanism.

Renovated student dormitory