RUMOBIL Study trip

Study trip of HŽ PP team was part of sightseeing and introducing of pilot activity of partner Mazowia and it was held on May 16th and 17th, 2018.

Pilot activity i.e. mobile application „tropKM“  which was developed by Polish partners is a part of IT solution applicable to all trains and whole Mazovia region in Poland. Study trip was held on several location and it has started with presentation of modernized interchange (bus and train) in Plock where kiosk for using application is located.

Sightseeing of Old Town, Masovian Museum and also meeting in Sierpc with RUMOBIL stakeholders showed the value of using EU funds and how it can enhance the economy value of region. A journey with train which owns Mazowian railways, equipped with GPS transmitters is full example of „tropKM“ efficiency with on-line tracking and planning and is programmed to make the positioning information usable for passengers.

During the meeting with Koleje Mazowieckie (Mazowieckie Railways) representatives as well as Mazovian voivodship representatives, a professional operation of carrier were presented as well as mutual collaboration with excellent results. Koleye Mazowieckie is railway operator with own rolling stock and maintenance facilities, whose methods of servicing and maintenance of trains are high end. Possibility for future collaboration among partners within project as well as two-rail operator is possible and will be appreciated. 

Rumobil study trip 1
Rumobil study trip 2
Rumobil study trip 3