Žilina self-governing region complete pilot action

Žilina self-governing region complete pilot action - Enhancement of rural town’s train station to multimodal transport hub. 

Investment project aiming to enhance a rural town’s train station to multimodal transport hub to better connect the rural area to Žilina and hence the European and national transport networks within RUMOBIL project was finished and opening ceremony was held on 13th May, 2019 with 11 people and 5 different stakeholders.

As part of this opening ceremony a publicity campaign was organized to meet with a slight reluctance of the public to take part in the official opening of the modernized and reconstructed bus and railway station in Rajecké Teplice. Stakeholders participated in this campaign were asked to join a meeting in a friendly atmosphere. During the campaign, all the improvements that Žilina self-governing region had implemented was introduced to all stakeholders. Conclusion was that these investments are of great importance for the future development of public passenger transport in this partner territory. Modernization of the intermodal transport hub in Rajecké Teplice is an excellent basis for the upcoming introduction of integrated transport in the Žilina Region and all parties agreed that it is necessary to build more such transport hubs.

As part of the campaign, a presentation was held about results and outcomes of the RUMOBIL strategy and discussion about the possibilities of revising the transport plan of the Žilina self-governing region.

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