Final Conference RUMOBIL Project-Warsaw

On April 12th, 2019, the Final Conference for the project RUMOBIL was held. The Conference started with welcome speech by hosting partners, Mazowieckie Voivodeship and was followed by the speech delivered by the Lead project partner, who reminded participants of the activities and deliverables gathered during the project lifetime. Gratitude was expressed to all partners regarding their active and efficient cooperation. To put it simply, RUMOBIL has been a European cooperation among partners, stakeholders and national representatives in the most favourable light. Further presentations and active collaboration during the conference between partners and guest speakers showed benefits  that RUMOBIL brand has created and implemented throughout partner regions as well as its positive results. RUMOBIL is considered a synonym for change and has very successful stories to tell. Positive feedback from stakeholders and all other involved parties confirms that RUMOBIL is known all over Europe. Its activities will grow further. Extremely proud partners showed willingness to continue cooperation on new challenges. They will successfully tackle new obstacles, as RUMOBIL has already proved. 

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