Francesco Misso: The most important period in the Project is ahead of us

Eight local strategies first and then one common strategy with recommendations for the improvement of the mobility in rural area – that will be the main result of project RUMOBIL. This complex and responsible job leads Francesco Misso from T Bridge

Francesco Misso, transport engineer with the consultant company T Bridge, so far has worked on a number of projects financed from EU funds, as well as national projects and gained vast experience in this area. He has just finished a project ELECTRA, with the fund Intelligent Energy Europe, which was specific, but similar to RUMOBIL: This was a project dedicated to electric vehicles for urban traffic. As for the experience on the project RUMOBIL, Misso says:

-Work On the project RUMOBIL is very extensive and intense, especially for us, the leaders of the package. I agree with the assessments of other partners that the project is running well and I am satisfied with the results we have achieved so far. We have room for improvement in the area of ​​mutual communication between partners, especially among the leaders of the package. This period between meetings in March in Zagreb and Zilina in June is one of the most important periods for our part of the project, because we need to develop plans for local strategies, and their recommendations will in future have "its weight". All the collected experience will be placed on the "grid", analyzed, and from the results, we will choose what is most beneficial for use in strategies for rural areas. We used the Zagreb meeting state the deadlines, which all the partners must adhere to so we could reach the set goals gradually.

I wish to send an encouraging message to all partners: we have collected many important and good practices that can be applied in the field of rural mobility. We need to exchange all good experiences, choose the best and accept the challenge - to incorporate in the strategy the best recommendations that will bring results of better mobility to rural areas.