Pilot at Nyíregyháza-Nagykálló is ready to start

In the upcoming weeks starts the Hungarian pilot relating to the RUMOBIL transport development program at the Nagykálló-Nyíregyháza bus line.

Definable element of the pilot projects are the counting of passengers and theirs analysis according to composition, to that the project leaders could get exact picture about reached achievement. The first phase of counting was carried out in the middle of summer, the second phase is planned for the 3rd weeks of September, when all educational institution have already started. Students from the University of Nyíregyháza are also taking part in the counting of passengers.

Hungarian Pilot Project

The aims to the pilot project’s implementation is that to raising awareness on public transport and to increase its usage in the local population, which can be achieved by refurbishing bus stops and provided information about bus traffic flow. Information panels and related traffic monitoring system installed in bus stops, which sings the exact arrival time of buses will have important role in this task, because with theirs support, position of buses will be able to be calculated more accurately.

In the same time with the pilot launch begins the publicity campaign in order to take the public transport even wider attention and that bus stops attracts even more passengers in the region.

Results achieved during pilot linked to RUMOBIL Strategy will be suitable for other similar, transport development project throughout the county.

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