Planning communication for capitalisation at project mid-term

On February 6th 2018, a Communication seminar within Interreg Central Europe was held at JS premises in Vienna. The targeted audience were communication managers from first call projects. The focus of this one-day seminar was to provide managers with strategic inputs, cooperation options and practical inspiration. All subjects was summarized and divided per target areas such as mid-term review, cooperation among partners, thematic cooperation among projects and foremost the storytelling.

Communication managers came prepared and had to pitch an interesting project stories among themselves, which gave them opportunity to know each other as well as projects better. That was just one of exercises that Interreg Central Europe has prepared for managers so that they can visualise all achievements during project lifetime and tasks, which partners will tackle in near future. Project communication is important aspect of each project and contains from visual tools such as web pages and social networks as well as essential creative technique called storytelling. Therefore exercises such as developing short stories with personal twist in small groups helps creating new ideas and promote projects to larger audience. 

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