Publicity campaign in Mazovia

Promotion of pilot activities is shown in 100 posters and 2,000 leaflets. The posters were hung at 30 stations of railway stations lying in the area of the pilot project and in all 9 trains (DMU). In addition, posters were hung at 10 local governments and public benefit institutions in north - west part of Mazovia region 50 posters and 1000 leaflets with the request to hang / spread promotion materials in public places (offices, schools, libraries, swimming pools).

Also, a 50-second advertising spot was prepared. It’s currently available on our website,692,71,spot-promujacy-bezplatna-aplikacje-sledzenia-pociagow-kolei-mazowieckich-tropkm.html and on Facebook profiles of Mazowieckie Railways:  

Spot will be also promoted on the websites of local newspapers and short version (30 seconds without voice) is displayed until the end of June in over 100 trains in Mazowieckie Railways equipped with LCD screens (trains are moved around  the voivodship).