RUMOBIL Project presentation at the U-Lead Kick-off Conference in Kiev

Implemented by the German GIZ and supported by different national Ministries from Germany, Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Estonia, U-Lead is a European program to support the establishment of multilevel governance that is transparent, accountable and responsive to the need of the population. 

At the 5th of February 2019, Arne Ehritt presented the INTERREG project RUMOBIL on the U-Lead Kick-off Conference in Kiev. The main aim was it to generate an exchange between the attended local authorities from different Ukrainian regions in rural areas and the experience from the project RUMOBIL. The conference was entitled: “Support to improved sustainable mobility services in Ukraine”.

After a revision of local government in the Ukraine, local authorities searching new solutions for public transport in their regions, which is mainly operated by private companies. The so-called Marschrutka´s are small busses operating between smaller villages and cities. Since the revision, it became more difficult to guarantee a public transport service that covers every region and connects villages to medical care services, supermarkets and other services of the public. It was the main aim of the conference to find new proper solutions for those challenges.   

As an external input, RUMOBIL was presented as a project with different innovative solutions from different areas in Central and Eastern Europe on how public transport in rural areas can be optimized and configured in a more attractive way for the people.   

Further exchanges are planned, including study trips of public authorities in Ukraine to different project partner in central and Eastern Europe.

“Source of the pictures: (GIZ) GmbH”