RUMOBIL at MobyDixit

On 11st of October in Modena, aMo has presented RUMOBIL at MobyDixit, the 18th National Conference on Mobility Management and Sustainable Mobility. The presentation was made by Administrator Andrea Burzacchini under the tittle “MO.SSA and RUMOBIL: projects in response to the demand for mobility”. MO.SSA is a project promoted from aMo related to sustainable home-work commuting. The Conference was under the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment, the Emilia-Romagna Region, Legambiente that is the main Italian ecological organization and FIAB that is the main organization of Italian cyclists. The conference was also in collaboration with MOVECIT that is an Interreg Project in which the municipality of Modena is participating.

Modena 1
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