To rain or not to rain

It rains a lot in Bydgoszcz sometimes, and sometimes we wait for it for weeks. Rain gardens are trying to stabilize this situation.

Recently, the second rain garden was created as part of the CWC project - City Water Circles. This pilot project is located at the city hall building with offices and customer service, at ul. Grudziądzka 9-15. Perhaps its scope seems small, but we wanted this solution to be easily replicable. 

Bydgoszcz raingarden

The main objective of the pilot project is to collect rainwater from the roof of the building and deliver it through pipes to specially prepared pots. It is a so-called rain garden in an container. The excess water is transferred to the sewage system.

Raingarden Bydgoszcz community planting

During the social campaign, in which the municipality employees and volunteers took part, over 170 hydrophilic plants were planted, which will purify and retain water. During this action, the garden contractor and the designer explained how the inside of the pot was prepared, what species of plants were selected and why they were used. It will be complemented by an information board that will easily provide instructions for making the garden to the residents. The location of the garden is well chosen, with a busy road nearby and a heat island area. A bench for residents, the pleasure of being among the plants, and lowering the temperature will certainly affect the quality of life in the city.


Raingarden Bydgoszcz plants