Rzeszow Regional Development Agency

Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (RRDA) is a non-profit joint stock company, established in 1993. The objective of the RRDA is to support the development of Podkarpackie Region, to improve the quality and standard of life of its inhabitants, to advertise the possibilities offered by the region, including its outstanding natural landscape, tourist potential, as well as to promote a new image of the region as a modem, innovative and economically developed place.

The main activities of RRDA aim at supporting and coordinating regional development activities leading to further economic development. We help to promote business efficiency, competitiveness as well as employment tourism and culture to enhance and support sustainable development in the region. In our wide range of activities we especially put emphasis on sustainable and innovative tourism based on local natural and cultural resources , innovation and technology transfer, SMEs support, youth entrepreneurship, policy development and eco independent living society development.

We are one of the main institutions in Podkarpackie region responsible for our Regional Innovation Strategy within which boosting of PPI usage is among the core priorities. We are also Regional Innovation Transfer Centre and Contact Point Network in Podkarpackie Region. RRDA’s role is to create the linkages among the actors of innovation systems in region. Furthermore RRDA conducts trainings for entrepreneurs and local government officers interested in various innovation topics. More than 6,500 people have participated in training programmes organised by the RRDA.

RRDA  is non-profit public institution owned by the Marshal Office of the Podkarpackie Voivodship, employs 150 persons. 

Experiences in PPI 

As a public procurer Rzeszow Regional Development Agency is obliged to use the Public Procurement Law. In its activities is trying to introduce new attitude to procurements and will start usig Public Procurement for Innovation.

As a training institution it will spread the knowledge about PPI among all interested institutions, as a part of local self-government will take the role of the regional leader of PPI. 

Role in the project 

As network project partner RRDA will be responsible for establishment of PPI Competence Centre in Poland and we will be responsible for creating linkages with procurers out of project ecosystem and creation of awareness and sustainability of Competence Centre. We will create PPI2Innovate Map of our region where 8 implementable PPI projects will be identified. One PPI project will be identified to be realized as a pilot with dual piloting partner Municipality of Lublin. In cooperation with other PPs we will create Action plan for our Competence Centre. In thematic WP3 we will participate as all other PPs at all pilot projects to gain experiences and knowledge trough “learning by doing” concept. We will have practical experiences from 4 pilot projects on all government levels from different countries and therefore we will be able to provide more sophisticated support of PPI paradigm and will be more successful with our networking activities. Since the PPI perfectly fits to our general activities, it is in our interests to secure the operation of Competence Centre in Poland for minimally 3 years after project closure. BENEFITS FROM PARTICIPATING Main benefits from participating in PPI2Innovte for RRDA are: • new and innovative tools, services and organizational models connected with PPI and Public procurers, • integration of all regional target groups into project activities (public and private sectors, research and enterprises) • new knowledge and data connected with the subject of this project • bigger coincidence about the subject of this project • practical experience with new methods • new skills, knowledge and practical experience in transnational project.