S(i)M - upcoming activities in 2019

In February 2019, Social(i)Makers has entered into the next implementation phase. Planned for the next few months is a number of activities and events aimed at developing existing social innovation initiatives, as well as contributing to the creation of new ideas on the territories of partner countries.

In April and May, partners in each of the seven project countries will organise world cafes aimed at discussing local social innovations. They will be followed by the launch of local pilots which will experiment with innovative solutions (e.g. services, products, organizational models) in order to answer societal problems relevant for the territories involved, but transferable also to other contexts.

Also in April and May, a series of hackathons will be held by project partners. Participants of the hackathons will brainstorm social innovation ideas using creative approaches.

The hackathons will launch the 'Be Social, Be Maker' transnational competition, which will take place between June and October.

The objective of the competition is to select social innovation solutions that can answer some of the social challenges that characterise Central Europe.

We will be regularly posting updates on the status of project implementation, as well as ways to get involved, through our social media platforms. You can follow us on FacebookTwitterYouTube and LinkedIn