Together, we have identified the 10 Navigation Crews addressing 10 priority areas and key technologies of the future industry. We involved thematic key experts, interviewed different Target Groups in each region, and built the transregional platform for sharing best practices and lessons learnt. Thanks to these interviews and other DIH-oriented meetings, each Partner established a strong regional DIH and created a tailor-made portfolio of services offered to companies. The S3HubsinCE community/platform we have built within the S3HubsinCE project has strengthened the exploitation of the undertaken activities and allowed us to build an extensive and effective ecosystem bringing together regional DIHs, Navigation Crews, regional authorities, and RIS3 Champions from the 10 partnering regions.

Transnational cooperation

The S3HubsinCE partners planned and initiated transnational cooperation actions to develop and strengthen a transnational network of DIHs. As a result, with dedicated staff, know-how, a wide spectrum of tools and financial instruments to support companies, DIHs play a crucial role in recovery planning and support policy makers in making Europe more competitive and innovative.

10 regional DIHs

10 Pilot Actions and 50 Support Actions

10 Digital Innovation Hub Pilot Actions

60 pilot actions

34 Transfer & Cooperation actions

In the three years of cooperation all Project Partners contributed to the development of actions focused on developing new projects to generate closer-to-market value-creation opportunities for RIS3-critical organisations. The goals and tangible effects of the project were achieved by introducing Transnational Policy & Technology Blueprint for CERIS3 Excellence. The document served as a foundation for further reflections on the success of navigation crew strategy statement and objectives to bring value to the stakeholders critical to RIS3 implementation. Globally, partners and stakeholders involved in the actions have agreed on the need to foster and provide a follow-up plan to these actions. Moreover, they highlighted the need to involve all types of stakeholders to enhance digital transformation.

CEUP2030 – better understanding of new technologies

CEUP2030, another Interreg CE project, helped us to deliver the best final results. Trend & Innovation Network scheme working on four common CAMI4.0 topics, complementary to S3HubsinCE areas, set policy pilot actions for improving the innovation landscape with the RIS3 Round Tables, training sessions in the Policy Learning Labs and the developed tech radars (in the Policy Intelligence Dashboard), and helped us to increase the innovation capacity in all partner regions. The project sets a unique innovation systemic approach for regional and transnational policy making with a high practical relevance. Joint future robust action plans and strategies for 2021–27 move innovation into the long-term view, yet with immediate proven test cases to check the relevance for practice.

RIS3 Investment Forum: project summary

The RIS3 Investment Forum – the final conference of S3HubsinCE project - brought together various target groups including innovation spearhead leaders from many sectors to explore the opportunities for creating global digital future. The conference gave us an opportunity to discuss the powerful changes that policymaking is undergoing, connecting its results and findings to concrete actions to be taken.

We expect that after the project ends, direct cooperation undertaken by the partnering DIHs will be in great demand, especially nowadays, when many enterprises have been devastated by the pandemic outbreak, and lost clients and markets, and can now be developed under the eDIH initiative. We continue th development of the partnership created as part of S3HubsinCE project by focusing on complementary technologies, joint demonstrations and pilot projects, opening and sharing areas of each partner’s expertise, and dedication to technologic infrastructure.

We have undertaken to take action together for a better Europe, and we start today!

The product of our work are useful resources that can be found on our project website.