Integrated environmental management of land and soil in European urban areas monograph includes appeals to 3 InterregCE projects –

A new monograph entitled ‘Integrated environmental management of land and soil in European urban areas’, edited by Anna Starzewska-Sikorska has been published in December 2021. The subject of land and soil management in cities, discussed in the monograph, was the subject of many research and application projects carried out in the last 10 years at IETU. The monograph presents the results of the projects, show various aspects of sustainable land management presented in the projects financed by the INTERREG Programme for Central Europe CIRCUSE, LUMAT and SALUTE4CE which include solutions in methodology, tools and instruments supporting land management in urban areas. Therefore the results of other projects are presented concerning analysis and assessment of negative effects of unsustainable management of land in urban areas consisting in using forest and agriculture land for other purposes.

We encourage you to read the publication. The monograph was published as part of the Works & Studies - Works and Studies of the Institute of Environmental Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Zabrze.