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Interreg Central Europe - "Salute4ce" project signed a letter of intent for the establishment of a working group
The Interreg Central Europe “SALUTE4CE” environmental project is based on the concept of “urban environmental acupuncture”, which consists of a selective intervention to revitalize small green areas, instead of large-scale interventions involving thousands of hectares and very high costs.
The project, launched by the Municipal Administration in 2019, has allowed the revitalization of 4 urban green spaces in the city: near the Villaggio Europa school (via Galvani corner via De Gasperi), with the construction of an urban orchard; in the area in front of the Morando school (via Croce / via Pasino) with the construction of a forest refuge; in front of the urban cemetery (viale Teresa Michel), with the planting of trees and the laying of sports equipment and a further intervention that allowed the redevelopment of the flower boxes in the city center.
The Municipal Administration, after hosting the international project delegation last October
and organized a public event to present the interventions carried out in the city, at the end of the project activities, signed a letter of intent for the establishment of a working group that will apply the principle of “urban environmental acupuncture” in the small green areas of future construction. The staff, made up of technicians from the Public Works Sector, the Public Green Office, the "Dina Bellotti" Botanical Garden and the Autonomous Service for Complex and European Projects, will be involved in the application of the idea of urban acupuncture as an effective and innovative method of integrated environmental management.

"I would like to emphasize once again the importance of the European 'Salute4CE' project and above all, for us, of being a partner in an international initiative, which combines love and respect for nature with knowledge of its life cycles. - comments the Mayor, Gianfranco Cuttica di Revigliasco -. With the joint signature, the municipal administration and the relevant offices fully enter into the constitution of a working group that will make the urban areas involved ever more liveable and qualified places ".

Alessandria, March 14, 2022
Press office