SIAMO EUROPA is international conference covering debates, insights and performances around the theme of Europe, with focus on urban and regional strategic planning and innovation. The event includes a fair of European projects involving Trentino.

Within ‘Siamo Europa’, that will take place in Trento, from 12th to 14th May 2017, local URBAN INNO project will be publically launched among targeted audiences: mayors, policy makers and other stakeholders. Also, the event will become an opportunity to link URBAN INNO with another OSIRIS EU project (an INTERREG EUROPE) that involve not directly Informatica Trentina, but the Province of Trento. The OSIRIS project is working around the theme of "how to influence Policy Instrument for pushing Innovation and Open data"

More info: https://siamoeuropa.provincia.tn.it/

Siamo Europa, Trento 2017