Next Access

As a part of the Interreg CE project Social Impact Voucher (SIV), we established a transnational social impact fund - Next Access, which involves both private and institutional donors.

The transnational fund offers the advantage of being able to support both national and transnational voucher projects. There is a strong labour market interdependence between Central European countries, as the Covid19 crisis currently indicates for instance in the case of seasonal workers in the agricultural sector and of foreign labour force in the care sector. Creating a transnational fund will allow us to better address regional and transnational challenges.

The next access fund was started by the following renowned NPOs and innovative social enterprises:

  • Caritas Vienna (Austria)
  • Sklad 05 (Slovenia)
  • Neue Arbeit Stuttgart (Germany)
  • ZEF – Cooperative for Ethical Financing (Croatia)

Social Impact Vouchers are employment vouchers that create a social impact on the labour market. The innovative voucher system brings together employee-seeking companies and job-seeking disadvantaged people in a very simple way. The uncomplicated employment vouchers enable companies and applicants to get to know each other over a testing period of three months with the aim of permanent employment. For some people it’s very hard to find a job. With a Social Impact Voucher (financed by the Next Access Fund) a disadvantaged job seeker can get a training or coaching for free – with the goal to improve their future employment chances and to get a long-term job.

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Next Access