SIV project is developing innovative labour market instruments

INTERREG Central Europe - Did you know that long term unemployment in the EU is still above 2.5%? With the SIV project, we are discovering innovative mechanisms for solving social challenges with private capital. SIV (Social Impact Voucher) project, started in March 2019 and will last until February 2022, integrates 11 partners from 8 Central European countries. Their common idea is to transfer and test an inspiring experience from Germany, where a program for employing people from disadvantaged groups had been successfully invented. The whole idea worked there thanks to vouchers that literally changed (and have continued to change) lives. Thanks to them, job seekers from various disadvantaged groups have been able to find a job, earn an income and feel useful again.

Fighting unemployment and its consequences is considered primarily a task of the welfare state in most of the countries participating in the SIV project. Changes in society due to digitalization, ageing and migration affect the labour markets in Europe in the future. 

The actual Covid-19 crisis amplifies the need for common efforts of all sectors to cope with future challenges. For this purpose, it is essential to create innovative tools, both as labour market instruments and for financing these instruments. 

SIV aims to be an umbrella for innovative projects designed to aid unemployed people as well as for innovative forms of investment.  

The following elements constitute the main pillars of the SIV program:


Developing various voucher models supporting (long-term) unemployed people in the partner countries. This will occur either by investing in their training and/or by supporting the onboarding process with employers. 


Establishing a transnational and several national social impact funds as a financing means for the voucher models. For this purpose, we will address both private (philanthropic) and public investors. We expect partial monetary reflows to the funds through employer fees for successful recruitments. You can find more info about SIV project at 

Finding a job or a training position, especially after a difficult phase in life, is not easy. This is why European cooperation projects like Interreg SIV are needed. 

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