SKUHNA – World cuisine

Created in a time of mass migration and building on opportunities of this demographic trend, Skuhna is increasing the employment opportunities of migrants from the global south and bringing together people of different cultures. As a tool for achieving their goals they use entrepreneurship – marketing the culture and authentic cuisine of Africa, Asia and South America in the form of restaurant, catering and a variety of cultural programs.

With the development of activities, they want to enable as many migrants from the global south as possible to enter the labor market in valuable and respected roles, where they market their knowledge, skills, ideas, and their own cultural heritage. They want to enable the majority of the Slovenian population and members of minority communities to create positive interactions, which lead to the co-creation of a tolerant, well-thought-out, informed and sustainable society. They want to give the majority population in Slovenia the opportunity to learn about cultures and people of the world through culinary and other cultural and educational events.

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