Gmina Miasta Gdyni

Organisation profile:

Gmina Miasta Gdyni is a municipality situated in northern Poland, by Gdansk Bay, by the Baltic Sea. Together with Sopot, Gdańsk and other neighbouring municipalities forms the Tri-City Mertopolitan Area of 1 mln inhabitants. It obtained city rights in 1926 and now it is considered as a „ best city” to live in Poland. It is one of few Polish cities with trolleybus system and biggest fleet of eco-friendly busses (CNG and electric). Its administrative division embraces 22 districts, with Chwarzno-Wiczlino having the biggest surface: 27,92 km².
City administration is performed by the City Hall of Gdynia.

Region profile:

  • Urban agglomeration: BPomorskie Voivodeship, Tricity Metropolitan Area (Poland)
  • Area: 135,14 km2
  • Inhabitants: 246.309
  • Population density: 1.822,62 inhabitants per km2

Role in the project:

Gdynia Miasta Gdyni will act as a partner of the SMACKER project (PP3) and will implement all the activities according to the Application Form and cooperate with all the partners in the consortium.

Activities in the project:

Conduct a case study in most densely populated and most rapidly developing City’s district - Chwarzno Wiczlino.

  • indepth survey on transport behaviour and preferences will be conducted specificly in the mentioned district, based on the already elaborated questionnaire, tailored to the case study area and on a larger sample of district’s inhabitants,
  • in cooperation with numerous stakeholders:  local District Council, inhabitants, housing estate developers, transport experts and social science experts, a Mobility Plan for the district will be elaborated
  • Timeline of possible demand driven solutions from the Plan will be established by Municipal Public Transport Authority 
  • a targeted and tailored campaign (possibly using a gamification app) will be designed and implemented
  • various communication channels will be applied for dissemination of the activities undertaken within the project.